100% FreeStyle, Lifestyle, See Kyle: The Twosie

by PnP, LA Phil & Shadow Annie



This Twosie celebrates the moments that cannot be planned. Spontaneous bursts of synchronicity and alignment. Nothing could be better. PnP is a band built on nothing but this and the knowledge that when you plan to not make plans, shit gets very weird. Sometimes in the greatest of ways. On a few occasions I have booked studio time for Monica Barcicki, Colin Maccubbin and myself to go in and record as PnP, planning no other aspects besides what day this would happen. We only record at Valley Recording Company with Joe Cardamone and we only record whatever is being made up right then because it didn't take long to notice that nobody would tolerate sub par/live sound. It actually makes people mistake the actual music as being bad when they just can't hear it. So here you have the sound quality I cannot attain in a shitty practice space and I can have the memory of the time my friend Joe had to engineer a 51 minute long freestyle/offense slam poetry/unknowing musical being written in complete and linear form on the first try aka some of my life's most satisfying, cathartic, therapeutic and fun work.
Just when I thought this phenomenon was too out of this world to have repeated, I played music with LA Phil. When not making indie rock pop gems, LA Phil makes sick, dirty beats and... I so cannot believe I am about to admit this... But I freestyle rap over them. Here is our first collaborative effort.


released July 16, 2013

1. recorded by LA Phil @ Harmonix Studios
mixed by Chris Claypool at Sound Factory

2. recorded by Joe Cardamone @ Valley Recording Co.

Bonus Item: Video featuring "Pro Bono/Pro Boners" LA Phil feat Shadow Annie



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Annie Hardy Los Angeles, California

Annie Hardy, formerly of Giant Drag. Presently Rules.

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