Unbelievable Psycho Boy

by Annie Hardy and the Psycho's


The first track from the recent sessions at Valley Recording Company, "Unbelievable Psycho Boy" is produced and engineered by Joe Cardamone and is the most familiarly Giant Draggish of any tracks to emerge from Annie Hardy's newly screaming mouth in the past few years. We think this pair of quotes best sum it up
"When people hear this they're going to say 'what the fuck happened to Annie Hardy?"
-Monica Barcicki
"This is what happens when you party with dudes who really would rather be blowing other dudes but won't admit it... I admit it for you"
-Annie Hardy


Do you want me like before
This time just a little more
What do I have to gain
Unbelievable psycho boy
So I'll say it once again
Unbelievable Psycho Boy
Thought that it was all a plot
to always steal but not get caught
do you think I'll be okay
unbelievable psycho boy
I don't love you anyway
unbelievable psycho boy
Tell it in the water tell everyone
tell it in the water tellin everyone what he's done
thought we all could use some hope
better living cleaner dope
do you think that love is pain
or unbelievable psycho joy
and i love it anyway
unbelievable psycho boy
thought i'd leave it up to luck
these past 6 months man what the fuck?
I love to see it rain
and I'm drowning in pscyho boy
cuz when you lie to me it rains unbelievable psycho boy
tell it in the water I'm telling everyone
tell it in the water I'm telling everyone what he's done
tell em all about it yeah
on the beach in the sand with a dick in your hand
you're unbelievable unbelievable psycho
you know that you love it and you gotta tell maccubbin
cum on dudes yeah yeah yeah
on the beach in the sand gotta get that dick in your mouth again
yeah you love it


released February 19, 2013
guitar, vocals- Annie Hardy
guitar- Monica Barcicki
bass- Colin Maccubbin
drums- Nick Liberatore



all rights reserved


Annie Hardy Los Angeles, California

Annie Hardy, formerly of Giant Drag. Presently Rules.

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