The Secret World of Alex Smack (Rad Dad)

by Annie Hardy and The Psychos


Ann Jones:
yeah- all I can think is the bit where (and I don't even know if that was this track) Joe told you to "use your fucked up voice" (paraphrasing)
no that was couple of friends, i think anywho
Annie Hardy:
yeah and he said to do that for every song
this was the one I was having second thoughts about the lyrics because it was literally a fantasy sequence song about me and Monnie *************************..... but that's just weird out of context
So this is the first time I've ever made a song about someone else, not to mention someone who is real and whom I don't like. First time I've sung a song from their perspective or whatever
so it's ********* from that band the ************** who is the main character and who is a rich, spoiled, poser brat (like in real life) who sucks her dad's dick and likes it, nay- loves it and wants her dad to give her some money but she's on heroin so he won't do it and she's just trying to seduce him (like in real life).
hmm maybe that could go in the about this song section with all the names taken out
Ann Jones:
nice - and haha to the "but that's just weird out of context"


Well I tried so hard before to tell you that
I really love you so
How much you'll never know
And I tried my best but you know I just can't
Seem to let it go right now
There's one thing that I gotta show you

I really want it (Dad!)
It makes me sick
I gotta have it
My dad's dick

I tried before to let you know
I thought I knew, that I was sure
And I had gotten out of it
I tried and I do good but oh
It's so so hard to let you know
All of these things that I regret
And if you don't know it now
I won't be here when you find out

I've got a habit
It makes me sick
Oh give it to me
My dad's dick

Now take it low
Solo? I can't...
I'll be my own one-woman band
I know how and I'll make you listen
And make daddy pay attention
There's one thing I gotta mention
That I know I can do it
Won't you give me all the loot
Cum on, come on, cum on Dad

Now don't you dare tell me "no"
You won't like when I go FULL PSYCHO!!!!

I gotta have it
Daddy's dick
And my inheritance
I want the wallet
I need the Beamer
I'll wash your car...


released May 1, 2013
Annie Hardy - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Monica "Monnie Onnie" Barcicki - Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Colin "Maccubby" Maccubbin - Bass
"Stevie" Nick Liberatore - Drums

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Joe Cardamone
at Valley Recording Co.

Cover Photo by Dylan Gordon



all rights reserved


Annie Hardy Los Angeles, California

Annie Hardy, formerly of Giant Drag. Presently Rules.

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