Drugs (Alt. Version)

by Annie Hardy


Drugs was written in the early days of Giant Drag's recorded rehearsals on Lemona Avenue at Micah's house. After the last song of rehearsal one night Micah walked into the other room to check something on the computer and I started thinking about what we were going to do after practice and singing into the microphone so Micah's residential neighborhood could all know how we may look like dorks (especially during b-day parties involving bouncy castles and hundreds of computer programmers getting hammered on wine coolers. I was (am?) an annoying little jerk to have around, already we can't play anywhere without me asking the ladies to "please blow Micah later?" but even at home, when I was near PA systems and I could hide behind shutters and try my best to embarrass Micah... that was my jam. So I wish I could say "Drugs" went onto do bigger, better things or that we went on to do drugs but neither is true, although make no mistake about the fact Micah and I went off, and then just I did. Like most aspects of the band, up until there and then a joke invented solely for the purpose of hoping to make Micah laugh or look disgusted had turned into a re-occuring way to name songs, speak and in general something that I never thought much of (especially song title's like "You Fuck Like My Dad" and the possible negative attention it'd get) but it'd be a a name or phrase that would come out and just be stuck forever. For probably the first time, "Drugs" had trouble sticking to the right spot on any of Giant Drag's EP's or Hearts and Unicorns so we recorded it a few times and let it die. It seemed so overly simple and boring, but therein lies the beauty of all Drugs. Simply there to take you away to another place, music does that for me and all the people I relate closest with that play music so why not leave "Drugs" alone (for a change) and let it naturally evolve or not. Somehow I still hear compliments about Drugs, I thought this was such a limited group who liked it but it is still shouted out as a request during shows. Or perhaps as an inquiry to my state of being or some kind of offering. No thank you, I seem loaded sober and I don't do well in my old age. As luck would have it, while recording this song and doing some musical equivalent of character acting, I did actually begin to lose my mind and enjoy it, hence me screaming at the start of the track. Crazy while recording "Drugs" while suffering from being out of and on the wrong kind of them. What a fucking nightmare. I was watching all my friends watch me, see how cool I looked and how generally stoked to be alive I was (back then it was all working like it should) and then they'd start taking them, I may be brain bruised but I think I had a bit to do with the pharmaceutical farmers who just love Dr. Robert. Just Say No kids! Especially to heroin, crack and smoking Meth. I'm not even sure if I have ever done that because I've done so many drugs as a youngster that it made partying as a 30 year old pointless and futile and nobody wants that. So kids, just don't blow your spokes before you graduate High School and stay away from anything that I ever mention doinh.
I do not endorse nor oppose any person's DRUG USE, I myself have done drugs. Sometimes with good result but usually every time I was partying with drugs, eventually, not a party at all. In fact, I don't recommend you even test the waters of drugs or alcohol, you can totally go off on life itself. Or sugar. Or extreme sports.


Drugs (x4)

All the drugs are gonna go into my head and lose control

Drugs (x4)

All the drugs are gonna go
into my head and lose control
and all the things
You think you know
well they were lying
they told me so

Drugs (x4)

All the drugs
are gonna go
into my head
and lose control
and all these words
are just cliche'd
I'm saying nothing
They have not say-yed


released February 9, 2012
Produced by Giant Drag with additional possible engineering/production by Louis Castle & James Bairian at Dirty Little Studios OR JD Andrews at Record Plant.. possibly Annie Hardy: Guitars, Lyrics, Melody, Dreams, Drugs
Micah Calabrese: Drums, synth



all rights reserved


Annie Hardy Los Angeles, California

Annie Hardy, formerly of Giant Drag. Presently Rules.

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