Cum See About Me (Take You To Abortion)

by PnP

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Now hold on, I know 3 weeks ago when I put out the PnP twosie not everyone was stoked. I get it, free form slam poety and improv isn't everyone's cup of tea. You kinda had to be there but lets call that what it was, me jumping the gun because I am so excited about my pet project PnP. If you don't like this song I give you full permission to dislike PnP but don't give up on Annie Hardy and the Psychos because although the line up may be the same, legit shit is happening on that side of the fence.


released February 26, 2013
Vocals- Annie Hardy
Guitar- Monnie Barcicki
Bass- Colin Maccubbin
Drums- Stevie Nix



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Giant Drag Los Angeles, California

This is now Full Psycho Records digital release store. I appreciate you supporting me & Team Full Psycho by purchasing our music directly from us here. I had no other plans than being a musician, it's tough now that people think my life's work should be free. Please don't help people illegally download my music or if you do, please use the 'pay more' option when you buy a a song. Thanks! A.H. ... more


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