Twosie- Part 2 Z "Hearts and Unicorns Outtakes and Unreleased Rarity"

by Annie Hardy



Twosies part Two-Z

So it has been an exciting few weeks of getting back on the road to record releases. During yet another move, filled to the brim with back-breaking manual labor, a completely Alternate Version of Hearts & Unicorns was found! “Kevin Is Gay” sans those whammy guitars with handclaps instead? Mmhmm.... While I do plan on releasing a Super Deluxe Box Set of the first record, I figured before that I should unearth the magical yet sadly UNRELEASED versions of a couple songs!

Jonah Ray Is AOkay (But That’s All Hearsay)” Hearts and Unicorns Outtake, Unreleased Version

Only released on Giant Drag’s first EP Lemona in 2004, this song was one of a handfull that got re-recorded with Louis Castle and James Bairian of the band Dirty Little Secret (who produced both our first EP and Hearts and Unicorns) in Dirty Little Studios which I named, of memory serves, and was really just a rental rehearsal space in Downtown Rehearsal with a Vocal Booth built inside. (To read more, purchase the album!)

"En Route" Hearts and Unicorns *LOST TRACK* Previously Unreleased Song!!!!

I love this song and I have only one or two guesses as to why it didn’t get released. The first would be the fact that Giant Drag recorded about 19 songs for this album. The second, it just didn’t fit with the theme of cat solos and for lack of a better explanation, it just rocked a little too hard. This, I think, is where I have always been heading towards (To read more, purchase the album!)

Bonus Feature: Blunt Pickett Fence - demo version

Recorded on Giant Drag’s one and only Absinthe Practice. We sat outside watching a children’s birthday party, drinking this disgusting shit I had brought home from the UK’s Kerrang! Awards ceremony, where the tables were littered with booze and I was not too proud to shove as much of it down my pants as possible. (To read more, purchase the album!)


released March 6, 2012



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Annie Hardy Los Angeles, California

Annie Hardy, formerly of Giant Drag. Presently Rules.

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