PnP (The Best Band in the World)

by PnP (The Best Band in the World)



Full Psycho Records proudly releases another PnP Twosie, sure to blow the few minds it reaches.

cover by Robert Paulson @cadalackron
music video by Annie Hardy


released December 3, 2014

cover by Robert Paulson @cadalackron

music video by Annie Hardy

Remixed by Paul Harvey in London, England

Recorded in 2012 at Valley Recording Co., Burbank CA by Joe Cardamone

PnP is Annie Hardy and Monica Barcicki and anyone thats down to jam with them. Featured on this Twosie is
Colin Maccubbin- Bass
Nick Liberatore- Drums
Paul Harvey- Remixing and all extra instrumentation on Dick Snot Funny Remix
Guitar on Barry Soetoro- Morgan Jenkins



all rights reserved


Annie Hardy Los Angeles, California

Annie Hardy, formerly of Giant Drag. Presently Rules.

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Track Name: Dick Snot Funny - Paul the Narc Remix
Ooh yeah
Circle in the 3rd eye
Brown Eye
What you got on that slut slut slut
Ambulance coughing *cough*x3
Yes yes yes you know we're going to ket it go
Now roll with me
Track Name: Barry Soetoro (live @ ABC Rehearsals)
Barry Soetoro, I heard he was a lying fucking narc
Now his names Barack Hussein Obama
Come on ya'll, that shits dark!
Sounds like a terrorist, sounds just like an Anne Rice novel
and I heard he likes to fucking gobble all the cum, fucking white guys, business men, to get cocaine in the 80's, crack wasn't invented then
Then he cross dressed like a million times
He's the kind of guy who'll act like he likes you tip you bum him a cigarette
Then he leaves out the door
Barry Soetoro got love for no whore, just a couple white business men
Gotta get in those private Hawaiian schools my friend
Not one fucking student at his college alma mater remembers him
Barry Soetoro = Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist at least thats what they're saying on the astral plane tonight
Whispering demons tell me the sound
That Barry Soetoro used to get high on coke and get down
Being a male prostitute shaking his little Obama booty
cuz you know nothings fucking free
Psychological terrorist, you know Obama gives the fist to Michelle Obama who is actually a dude! He's a tranny yes you know, my names Annie come on bro, would I fuckin lie to you? Obama Barry Soetoro
His mother is in the nude, Todd is gonna tell, tell you
a telltale sign that Obama is the antichrist
the antichrist, the opposite of Jesus, yes you heard me right
Obama, he is so crazy! Remember when you blew Larry Sinclair and did crack cocaine
Oh Obama where did you go? You be having sex with people and its interracial
And Michelles she is a dude
We've seen that bitches balls and she's hung like a horse or a walrus, come on
Whores in Babylon, Barry wants to get it on with you
Michelle yes you know, you have all those horrible replacement therapies
Come on bitch you think your shit don't stink?
(not sure whats said for a few lines)
Because Obama's suckin dick tonight
Favorite pastime of the antichrist!