Annie Hardy and The Wallpaper Demos (Twosies)

by Giant Drag

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The first set of Twosies starts at the start.
My first recordings with Micah which were demo's of songs I never thought would see the light of day.
Now we take a trip back in time to get an idea of how everything got to be the way it is now.
You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been and this is the first stop.
Demos for fun.
Music for love.

Here are the first two songs ever recorded by what would become Giant Drag and the
stories behind them.
Before a series of happy accidents made Micah Calabrese and I
willingly play a show as a "rock duo", we were just friends who recorded some songs and
these are the first two of what would be many.

Please enjoy the first set of Twosies from the pre- GD era.
Also a few bonus items:
The first set of printed (not handwritten and hard to read) lyrics I've ever done
come with purchase of the pair of Annie Hardy and the Wallpaper demos...
I just remembered, that was one of my band names as a lone band
member that never got much less lonely.


released February 9, 2012



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